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What I Can Do

Art Workshop

I organize an art cooking workshop using Shiratama, the Japanese traditional sweets made from rice. Through the workshop, I want to create an enjoyable place where people get together, have fun and bring out their creativity.


I am passionate about taking photographs spotlighting happiness and beauty in our daily life. Capturing the beauty of people's smile, conversation and relaxing moment, I want to show people how we embrace our lovely life.


I write articles for several online magazines. My article mainly covers environmental & social issues, social startups and sustainable lifestyle. I am enthusiastic about giving readers a new perspective through my articles.



Making Progress

Beauty of women





Into the Woods








Silence & Move


Day27: Inter-animal communication

Today was the first day to meet these horses. The horses were cautious about me, staring at me. I wonder how they were thinking about me. The other horses, which I’m not allowed to take pictures of, are getting used to me because I try […]

Day26: Like the sunset colours

It is hard to describe the colours of the sunset in one word. It’s a mixture of many layers. It’s gradually changing. But it transforms into something new in a moment if don’t pay attention to it. One day after “Shiratama de Art” workshop in […]

Day25: NAGICHA in Finland

Today’s theme of the “Shirartama de Art” workshop is “nature.” What first comes up to your mind when you hear “nature”? This is “nature” that I felt during my one-month stay in Finland. Inside the bowl expresses a human body. The white plate means the […]

Day24: Universe

Photo by Nagisa Mizuno

Day23: Sea lover

The photo is of a lake. But it reminds me of the sea. The sea is vast, covering about 70% of the earth. It is cold in the winter, but sunshine makes water a little bit warmer. Inside the sea, it purifies myself and gives […]

Day22: Nature in Finnish winter in Shiratama

I experimented on shiratama, a kind of Japanese mochi, edible artworks. These artworks represent “nature” that I felt in the Finnish winter. At first sight, you won’t notice, but when stopping and looking at the land very carefully, you will find that there are some […]

A Little Bit About Me

I’m Nagisa, an artist and creator from Japan. I’d love to make the world a little bit better place through my artworks.

I was born and raised in Nagoya, Japan. When I was a little girl, I was very curious about nature and people. My love for the sea and foreign countries made me think about environmental and social issues in the world. At university, I studied International Development in Tokyo, Japan and Brighton, England, thinking about what I can do to make a peaceful world.

My first career began as an interpreter/translator and a coordinator between てthe Japanese Government and foreign Governments at Ministry of Defense in Japan.

While working there, I couldn’t help but express what I see and feel through photos, writing, and all around creative types. After leaving the job, I studied photography and drawing in Denmark to regain my inspiration. The experience drove me into a creative field.

Now through my writing, photographies, and artworks, I am eager to let people notice the sustainable life is beautiful and enjoyable.

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