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Art Workshop

I organize an art cooking workshop using Shiratama, the Japanese traditional sweets made from rice. Through the workshop, I want to create an enjoyable place where people get together, have fun and bring out their creativity.


I am passionate about taking photographs spotlighting happiness and beauty in our daily life. Capturing the beauty of people's smile, conversation and relaxing moment, I want to show people how we embrace our lovely life.


I write articles for several online magazines. My article mainly covers environmental & social issues, social startups and sustainable lifestyle. I am enthusiastic about giving readers a new perspective through my articles.


SHIKIORIORI – Weaving Colours and Getting Down to the Earth –

Based on activities

blown glass art installation

Sigh Blooms

Sigh Blooms 2022 Blo

one scene in the tour

Circular Death Cafe Tour Oarai

Circular Death Cafe

the entire image of the installation


JIBIKA 2022 Dimensio

vegetablepaper are hanging on the wall

Dreams Come Tree

Dreams Come Tree 202

No way! – Part of ‘Re: Mapping’ –

No Way! * This is pa

self introduction

Self introduction

“Self introduction

‘Virtual Shared House’ – what makes a home a home

Title “Virtual Sha

food installation


Transformation 2019


The work ‘Circular Death Cafe Tour Oarai’ won an excellence award at Tokyo Geidai ARTFES 2023

The work ‘Circular Death Cafe Tour Oarai’ won an award of excellence at the online ‘Tokyo Geidai ARTFES 2023’, which aims to provide a platform for artists to present and develop artworks, and to think together about social issues at a global scale in cooperation […]

Talked about ‘The Significance of Studying Abroad in an Artist’s Career’

On 3 September 2023, I talked about ‘The significance of studying abroad in an artist’s career’ at an online talk event, organised by the current scholars of the Ezoe Memorial Recruit Foundation. A report on the event (in Japanese) can be found below. https://www.recruit-foundation.org/news/post-23845/

Interviewed in TOKYO GEIDAI I love you project

Shikioriori picnic was featured in TOKYO GEIDAI I love you project. https://iloveyou.geidai.ac.jp/project30/ Photo by Xiotai

Interviewed in ART LIVES TORIDE

I was interviewed in ART LIVES TORIDE. URL:https://artlivestoride.com/artist/nagisa-mizuno.html

Featured in the Mainichi Newspapers

“Dream Come Tree” is featured in Mainichi Newspaper on 21 September, 2021. 『ヤギに夢ぇ~託して 食べられる絵馬で地球に還元 取手で作品展 /茨城』

Masuda colours

I like to visit Japanese local places. I visited Masuda in Shimane in April, 2021. The cover photo is a Miyagajima island, which looks like Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy, France. He stands in front of Grand Toit, the Shimane Arts Center. It uses Sekishu tiles […]

A Little Bit About Me

I’m Nagisa, an artist and creator from Japan. I’d love to make the world a little bit better place through my artworks.

I was born and raised in Nagoya, Japan. When I was a little girl, I was very curious about nature and people. My love for the sea and foreign countries made me think about environmental and social issues in the world. At university, I studied International Development in Tokyo, Japan and Brighton, England, thinking about what I can do to make a peaceful world.
My first career began as an interpreter/translator and a coordinator between the Japanese Government and foreign Governments at Ministry of Defense in Japan.
While working there, I couldn’t help but express what I see and feel through photos, writing, and all around creative types. After leaving the job, I studied photography and drawing in Denmark to regain my inspiration. The experience drove me into a creative field.
Now through my writing, photographies, and artworks, I am eager to let people notice the sustainable life is beautiful and enjoyable.

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