forest through the window

Day9: Misty Saturday lesson

Look at these two photos. What do you think is the difference?

forest through the window

Photo by Nagisa Mizuno

window with raindrops

Photo by Nagisa Mizuno

There will be plenty of answers, but one is “a focus.” The first one captured forest behind through the window. It might broaden your image of the outside world. On the other hand, the second’s focus is on the window with raindrops. It can make you focus more on the inside the building.

When you see this world, where is your focus on? The front or back? Up or down? The internal or external? The past, present or future?

Just by shifting your focus, your view of ordinary life will be critically different.

And when you get some “lenses” to see the world, it will help you take “beautiful pictures.”

This is a lesson about a lens, not of a camera, but of your mind.

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