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Today's theme of the "Shirartama de Art" workshop is "nature." What first comes up to your mind when you hear "nature"? This is "nature" that I felt during my one-month stay in Finland. [caption id="attachment_5006" align="alignnone" width="1024"] "Nature"[/caption] Inside the bowl expresses a human body. The white plate means the outer world. Water (expressed by using agar-agar) exists inside and outside the human body. You

This is my first 'Shiratama' de art workshop in Japan! This place is an artist community house CANVAS in Tokyo, where all the residents are creators and artists such as a painter, florist, chef and writer. We shaped our future in ten years with Shiratama! A lady made Wagashi, Japanese sweets, because she wants to promote Japanese traditional crafts overseas as her next career. Another