Circular Death Cafe Tour Oarai

Circular Death Cafe Tour Oarai
Tour performance

Photos and video taken and edited by Masato Sezawa (except the 5th photo)
Supported by TOKYO GEIDAI “I LOVE YOU” project


Circular Death Cafe Tour Oarai is a two-day local experience programme in Oarai, Ibaraki, Japan, organised by COPEN.

The theme of the journey is ‘the Cycle of Life and Death’. The journey takes place in the port town of Oarai, which has a long history, surrounded by the sea, the mother of all life, and with the ancient burial mounds that lie peacefully in the middle of the town.

While touring the spots of the town with local people such as the beach, kofun tumulus, temples, campsites, we will casually discuss and rethink about ‘death’ externalised from everyday life, and delve into the essence of the concept of ‘circulation’, which is indispensable for the realisation of a sustainable future.

For two days, you will encounter the charm of the region, meet a diverse range of participants and encounter a new you. Why not join MEGURU DEATH CAFE?


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Circular Death Cafe Tour Guide Book: