Born in Nagoya, Japan. Graduated from Tsuda College, majoring in International Development. After working as a coordinator for international security issues at the Ministry of Defense in Japan, Mizuno changed her focus to more interpersonal issues. Her work incorporates an act of eating food to probe the ways in which we care about ourselves, others, and the surrounding environment. Through her art practice, she aims to create intertwined spaces of ‘fermentation’ in a playful way. She currently studies in the Global Art Practice MFA program at Tokyo University of the Arts.

Artist Statement

I am intrigued by the myriad worlds beyond myself. At the core lies a delicate dance between self and others, where I ponder: what stories dwell within their flesh, their days, their minds? What landscapes shape their existence?

I touch and feel the worlds that I think are outside of my skin. Sometimes they hurt, sometimes they feel awkward, and my world vibrates and changes little by little. It’s a blend of fear and fascination, akin to the act of eating. To ingest is to risk in the sense that we take another substance into one’s world, yet it’s also a means of nourishing and cherishing life.

I may never fully fathom each other’s realms, yet isn’t it wonderful to conjure fleeting brilliance together, as beings sharing this moment beneath a common cosmos? Let me walk and weave poetry with you.