No way! – Part of ‘Re: Mapping’ –

No Way!
* This is part of “Re: Mapping” exhibition.
Aluminum, Drawing with Goats’ Poo, ,Sound, Performance
Dimensions variable

Maps can tell me where the older generations walked and where I am now. However, it does not tell me where I should go in the future.

Where do I want to go?

This artwork consists of three parts, showing my unstable mind.

“No way” starts with my footprint in the aluminium. If there is no way yet on a map, I can go and walk wherever I want to make a new mark.

However, it is not always easy or fun to think about not-yet-existent future in the present time. While taking care of two goats on the university campus, they walk around to eat, excrete, rest, and live. There is no way goats think about anything else. While I have a feeling of adoration for such a simple mind, do I want to become a goat? No way!

This work ends with performance. There are two objects with footprints on the wall. One footprint disappears after my action of soaking the object in water. Finally, even though I don’t know where I’m going, I just let myself go with the flow of water.