‘Virtual Shared House’ – what makes a home a home


“Virtual Shared House” – what makes a home a home


Virtually communal living and the exhibition


The COVID-19 pandemic forced people to stay home and not to see people face-to-face, which left us a sense of disconnection and loneliness. Therefore, we tried to explore a new form of “Home” by using online tools.


Copen, an artist unit, organised the “Virtual Shared House” project as part of “Creativity from HOME”: Experimental Remote Residency for Creative Thinkers at co.iki.

We connected seven homes in Ukraine, Indonesia, Hongkong and Japan and lived together for two months. In the evening online lounge every night, we virtually travelled together and sometimes talked about our culture and politics until midnight. On weekends, we enjoyed parties, photo shooting and watching films.


After two-month virtual collective living, we brought our collective memory into the real world where people can feel how it was with five senses. The exhibition is a space which questions a new way of living and connecting with people in the post-corona times, thinking together “what makes a home a home.”