Author: Nagi

I like to visit Japanese local places. I visited Masuda in Shimane in April, 2021. The cover photo is a Miyagajima island, which looks like Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy, France. He stands in front of Grand Toit, the Shimane Arts Center. It uses Sekishu tiles that inherit the traditions and culture of the Iwami area. [caption id="attachment_5166" align="alignnone" width="3264"] In front of Grand Toit, the

I went to a Christmas party at high school in Aljestrel. Students brought a lot of cakes, snacks and drinks for the party. It was the last day before the Christmas holidays. Full of excitement and joy.

Each element is simple, but still, has a real presence. Each colour is vivid, but still, harmonizes with each other. Each object is independent, but still, supports each other. [caption id="attachment_5106" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Photo by Nagisa Mizuno[/caption]

I started an artist in residence in a small town called Messejana, Portugal. One thing that I was surprised to discover is that cafes and restaurants here are reservation only. It’s unbelievable if you come from a big city, isn’t it? But it makes sense and is actually efficient. They don’t have to throw away surplus food. It’s interesting to know about “common senses” or

In Finland, "Everyman’s (Everyone's) right" is guaranteed. Anyone can do walking, swimming, camping, fishing, pick up berries in the forest even in private areas as long as they respect others' privacy and keep an appropriate distance from private properties. Thanks to the traditional right, I could explore forests every day. This right may make everyone feel that nature is something that they are