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In this event, Nagisa, who studied in Finland as an exchange student, shared her experiences about her exchange life at Aalto University, and Finnish culture and art, together with a guest from the Finnish Institute in Japan. More than 30 people who are interested in studying abroad or Finnish design and art joined this event. Organised by:Nagisa Mizuno Date&Time:May 17, 2024, 12:10-13:00 Venue:Community Salon, the

In Finland, "Everyman’s (Everyone's) right" is guaranteed. Anyone can do walking, swimming, camping, fishing, pick up berries in the forest even in private areas as long as they respect others' privacy and keep an appropriate distance from private properties. Thanks to the traditional right, I could explore forests every day. This right may make everyone feel that nature is something that they are

For a month, I lived with two fellow artists in an old school among forests, communicating with humans, forests and lakes. The two humans have gone home already. I’m alone, left in nature, missing them. Wii my lost heart be satisfied in nature? Without the same species, can any animal get healed? I remember the movie "Princess Mononoke." It is a Japanese animated fantasy

Photography captures the moment, but when we see a photo, it's already the past moment. For me, a camera is a tool to focus on any present moment. It encourages me to catch any “good” moment which I would miss otherwise without carrying one. So I like the moment when I’m trying to find a breathtaking, interesting or appealing moment. If there is

Today was the first day to meet these horses. The horses were cautious about me, staring at me. I wonder how they were thinking about me. The other horses, which I'm not allowed to take pictures of, are getting used to me because I try to get along with them every day. As I appear in front of them, they approach me. Communication with

It is hard to describe the colours of the sunset in one word. It's a mixture of many layers. It's gradually changing. But it transforms into something new in a moment if don't pay attention to it. [caption id="attachment_5027" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Photo by Nagisa Mizuno[/caption] One day after "Shiratama de Art" workshop in Finland. I and NAGICHA are no longer the same as before.

Today's theme of the "Shirartama de Art" workshop is "nature." What first comes up to your mind when you hear "nature"? This is "nature" that I felt during my one-month stay in Finland. [caption id="attachment_5006" align="alignnone" width="1024"] "Nature"[/caption] Inside the bowl expresses a human body. The white plate means the outer world. Water (expressed by using agar-agar) exists inside and outside the human body. You

The photo is of a lake. But it reminds me of the sea. The sea is vast, covering about 70% of the earth. It is cold in the winter, but sunshine makes water a little bit warmer. Inside the sea, it purifies myself and gives me power and energy to live. Wave motion is relaxing, giving me the feeling of oneness with the earth. Many emotions occur

I experimented on shiratama, a kind of Japanese mochi, edible artworks. These artworks represent “nature” that I felt in the Finnish winter. [caption id="attachment_4981" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Photo by Nagisa Mizuno[/caption] At first sight, you won’t notice, but when stopping and looking at the land very carefully, you will find that there are some berries, young grasses, multiple coloured leaves and stones. Rich vegetation