Day8: Cafe, where always something happening

I explored Enonkoski, the nearest town, today.

I went to a cafe&shop for lunch. I was surprised to see customers visit there one after another as I don’t often see them outside. A single woman, a pair of an old lazy and her daughter, a group of ladies and gentlemen, and male field workers in yellow vests. It seems to be a place for locals to gather for chatting over coffee. They may be chatting about their kids, today’s dinner, job, politics, climate. They may be dreaming of sunny summer, or may be engrossed in a fairy tale. I don’t know what there were talking and thinking about. But I could say that something, even tiny little, is happening around each one of them. Something new, something wired, something touching. They are no longer the same as they were before going into the cafe.


Photo by Nagisa Mizuno

Something new happened to me too. They sell some coffee, tea, honey, soap, handmade accessories and other stuff. When I looked at a box of flour for baking, a staff told me that it includes herb powder called nettle (イラクサ in Japanese, nokkos in Finnish). The picture of the herb on the box looks like Shiso, and exactly the same as a kind of herb I picked up along a roadside today!


I felt happy as I wanted to know if it’s edible. Apparently, it is.

You see?

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