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It is well known that we humans have five senses. According to the book “Reconnecting with nature” by Michael J. Cohen, however, we have fifty-three natural senses. One of my favourite senses is warmth (sense of temperature). It mainly comes from sunshine. Another sense that I like is softness (feel, particularly touch on the skin). For example, I feel very soft when standing on the

This is the first "lost item" of humans that I saw in forests near the residency. There were no other human belongings around it, so it captured my attention. A lost item should return back to the original owner or someone else who can take care of it so that the item can live longer or live another life.

When I see crystal raindrops at the edge of a branch or a leaf, I feel beautiful. It is because they shine under the sun. It is because they can be seen only under a certain environmental condition. And it is because they reflect various lights but still keep purity. Crystal raindrops themselves don't have any colour. However, they flexibly wear any

Maitolaituri is an only cafe in Enonkoski. It used to be a supermarket but was renovated last year. They serve daily lunch, patisseries, cakes, coffee and tea. I tried a Finnish bread called Perunarieska made from potatoes, and another national bread called Karjalanpiirakka made from rice. It's perfect as an afternoon snack! The ingredients are simple. Simplicity has endless possibilities, giving everyone the freedom

Here are some photos that I took while walking in a forest. The first photo looks as if small fir trees are singing and dancing together on a stage. [caption id="attachment_4912" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Photo by Nagisa Mizuno[/caption] From the second photo, I feel the length of time for which it has lived. It has been watching over this area like the sun. On the

I was blessed with people in Enonkoski. On the way to Enonkoski, the nearest town, I was successful in hitchhiking the elderly couple'car. At an only cafe in the town, the staff served me tasty Finnish bread and coffee during the business meeting. On the way back home, I could succeed at hitchhiking a gentleman's car. Enonkoski has about 1400 population. It has

It's in winter. Unfortunately, I can't pick up berries and edible plants in a forest. So, I tried fermented food that humans invented to survive the off-season from harvest. One of Finnish fermented food is Leipäjuusto (Finnish Squeaky Cheese). Yea, it tastes sweet :) It's good with cloudberry jam, which is also a Finnish famous berry.

There is already a connection between nature and humans. For life maintenance, food, safety, relaxation, beauty, and inspiration for design and art… Everything on the earth is made from “nature.” Even humans, which are made from water and protein. Even concrete, which is made from cement, water and sand. Even plastics, which are made from fossil fuels. We just forget it. Human inventions

[caption id="attachment_4880" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Photo by Nagisa Mizuno[/caption] "Higher, much higher.." As if they are communicating with the universe.

Rain last night cleared the snow around the residence. Green grass and flowers appeared in front of the residence, which were covered with the snow. I see the “same” scenery every day, but it is actually changing little by little. [caption id="attachment_4866" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Photo by Nagisa Mizuno[/caption] I had a conversation about nature and essence with another artist. She took some videos of